Monday, September 10, 2012

Modern Antler Chandeliers

It is becoming more common for Antler Chandeliers to be used in Modern Designs.  The only difference, is that they are painted, instead of leaving them natural.  The most common paint color is white, but orange has also been used to make this usually rustic chandelier into a modern work of art.

Below are some examples of modern designs with antler chandeliers.

Features White Antler Chandelier, as well as White Antler Sconces for a crisp modern design.

These Orange Antler Chandeliers demand attention, while keeping this kitchen ultra-modern and sleek.

We like the combination of formal and modern in this living area with the White Antler Chandelier.

This is my favorite, as it mixes elements of rustic with the farm table, and modern with the seating and White Antler Chandelier.  Love the use of the dark blue accent color, as well.

We offer customization in color or design on our Antler Chandeliers, this is the most popular size:

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