Friday, November 30, 2012

'Tis the Season! - Rustic Christmas Ideas

It's that fun time of year when all of the nostalgia comes rushing in as you get the decorations out! I'm always surprised at how attached I am to some of my ornaments & little "what-nots" to sit around during the holiday season.

We have a lovely line of Rustic Holiday Decor, some of which can be used for the duration of the winter season. We have also put lots of Stocking Stuffers on Sale until Christmas. These are items we have in stock & can guarantee by Christmas, as long as your order no later than December 17th. (Continental US Only)

My son loves to count down the days 'til Christmas with this cute Santa Bear Countdown to Christmas. It also helps him in with his numbers and handwriting - always a bonus!

Last year we designed a Whitetail Antler Wreath, that has become very popular! These usually ship the day after you order & can be decorated to match your decor, not just for the holidays, but year-round. Some people have decorated with dried flowers and herbs, also evergreen branches are a great addition to this versatile wreath. For a limited time you can purchase this wreath for only $25 with the purchase of either our 6 Antler Chandelier or our 12 Antler Chandelier (normally $75)!

We then decided it would be fun to decorate a couple of the Antler Wreaths. First we did a Christmas-themed Poinsettia Antler Wreath. It came out great!

Next we decided to decorate a Winter-themed Pine Cones and Berries Antler Wreath. Pictures don't do this one justice, it's beautiful in person & can be displayed throughout the Winter Season.

 Our final Holiday Antler Design is one of our Whitetail Antler Chandeliers with  Christmas Lights. This would be lovely on a screen porch all year long. It gives off a lovely ambient light.

We would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rustic Ventures

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nature Photography Feature - Steve Brimm

A friend of ours, Steve Brimm, is a wonderful nature photographer. He really has an eye for a good shot, as well as the patience to wait for the right time. He runs a small gallery in Copper Harbor, MI, which is part of Upper Peninsula Michigan. Although I have never visited, his images make me feel like I have. He has done features on the NC Coast, where we are located, as well as all points in between while he travels. These images would look fantastic in one of our Barn Wood Frames, and would be the perfect rustic touch to add to your room. Winters can be long & these images can brighten up your rustic space by evoking the illusion of a window in an otherwise dark space.

You can support Steve Brimm by purchasing prints directly from his website or by visiting his gallery in Copper Harbor, MI. All of the images below are property of Steve Brimm and should not be printed or copied without his permission.

Here are a few of my favorites!

This one was taken just a couple of weeks ago. I love the colors and the cloud shadows 
on the mountains. Simply Beautiful!

This photo features a unique perspective of the moon reflected in a small puddle on a mountain.

This one is from Steve's adventures sailing the Florida Keys. Love the sail boat "skeletons".

Interesting focus of a wildflower. Would bring color & life to your rustic decor.

Who wouldn't want to walk on this path. This one is from Isle Royale National Park. 
I like how the sun has managed to peak through to the ground in the forest. Lovely!

What a majestic sunset! This would be the perfect addition to your walls, to bring color 
and life to your cabin decorations.

Aurora Borealis - aka The Northern Lights. I have got to see this in person someday!

This is a Cross Fox. The cross fox is a partially melanistic colour variant of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) which has a long dark stripe running down its back, intersecting another stripe to form a cross over the shoulders. It tends to be more abundant in northern regions. It is less common than a red fox, but more common than the elusive silver fox. (definition from wikipedia)

What an AMAZING shot! Love the contrast of the colors.

And - here's Steve Brimm, the photographer is photographed in very close proximity to a moose. This was taken at Isle Royale National Park. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rustically Modern - A Designer's Approach

It is becoming increasingly popular in today’s society to include natural touches in modern design. This can be seen predominately throughout homes across the United States. Homeowners love the conveniences and sleek appearance of the modern style, but still want to incorporate rustic appeal to soften up the atmosphere. In this 21st century full of electronics, the “Rustic Modern” design provides the perfect combination of modern amenities with the comfort of warm naturalistic charms.

There are several ways to attain a proper balance for your rustically modern look. Natural wood is the most common element to include when adding rustic appeal to your home. Of course, most homeowners gravitate to hardwood floors for a natural, pure appearance. Wood floors provide a warm ambiance and are easy to clean and maintain. However, if you prefer carpets instead of hard floors, try to incorporate other types of real wood and bold finishes with natural wood furniture. Usually the more unrefined and less varnished wood produce a more natural design. Rich, unpainted wood tables or a log-constructed lamp can give just the right amount of rustic to a modern space.

In addition to natural lamps and tables, incorporate other accessories and even some oversized rustic pieces to create interest and a focal point for the room. If a giant taxidermy animal is not quite your style, try an antler light fixture, twig decoration or a few plants that will draw in attention. Live or artificial plants are a great way to break up a contemporary area and add a bit of nature to the space. A rustic armoire can be the perfect addition to a sleek, white room as well.

In order to keep the space from becoming too rustic, most homeowners will keep the walls white or paint them a neutral color like beige, cream or tan. These choices allow the room to remain bright, while providing contrast to the darker wood tones. A soothing green hue can supply a bit of color without overwhelming the space. It also incorporates a naturalistic shade into the mix of modern and rustic.

Natural patterns are popular in rustic modern spaces as well. They give a nice texture to a contemporary setting by reflecting organic components found on nature. However, try to keep them in simple and solid patterns to avoid engulfing the modern design. Canvas, burlap and linen materials are good choices that are not too overpowering. If the room still needs a splash of rustic, an animal skin rug or wall hanging may be the perfect option.

So if you want your contemporary home to feel more like cozy cabin, you may want to consider the opportunities of a rustic modern style. Homeowners can still enjoy the luxury of modern elegance while incorporating rural features into the home. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Barn Wood - From the farm to your home!

Recycling barn wood has become a nice rustic trend in design. It can be done in all sorts of ways; and some companies actually go out, tear down barns, and make their products from the barn wood and windows. There are awesome mirrors made from the windows, as well as picture frames. Peruse a large variety of Barn Wood Frames or Barn Window Mirrors, to brighten up your decor. These can be painted to match your style, if you are not into the natural color of the barn wood.

On a grander scale, barn wood has been incorporated into designs as flooring, walls, headboards, kitchen cabinetry; the options are endless!

These Barn Wood Floors have character and are not just for rustic designs. A friend of mine even used wood from a barn that was on the property the house was built on to make floors. 

This modern dining room features a Barn Wood Accent Wall. Reclaimed wood like this can be purchased from Urban Woods Company

I love the mix of stainless appliances with the rough barn wood cabinets and drawers! 

This rustic Barn Wood Headboard was a DIY project & used tongue and groove barn wood. The wood was left rough, even with nail holes, and is the feature of this rustic chic bedroom. Check out the rest of the room from Buckets of Burlap, for more rustic decorating ideas.

This unique Barn Wood Mirror features wood slats of different colors and thickness, weathered and peeling, to give it a well-loved look. This could go from beach house to mountain cabin to charm your guests!

If you have any DIY projects from Barn Wood, please share in the comments! We would love to hear your ideas!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wine Bottle Lighting

For those of you who don't know, I like to drink wine. I'm always looking for crafty things to do with my corks and wine bottles. It turns out that there are many ways to recycle your old corks and bottles, here are a few ideas that are extremely stylish for any home decor. I also included a few DIY projects to make your own Wine Bottle Lighting.

If you are not the crafty type, but like the look of the Wine Bottle Lighting, feel free to browse our selection of Wine Bottle Pendants, all hand-made in the USA.

This unique Round Wine Bottle Chandelier would look great over a dining room table, or covered porch. The bottles were simply secured to a metal ring & the wiring and lighting shines through the bottles. You can buy one similar to this at Pottery Barn, or make your own.

I love the different shades of wine bottles in this fixture.This unique piece is a DIY Wine Bottle Lighting project. Each pendant is a separate fixture with it's own wiring, and then it is boxed around for a clean finish.

This Wine Bottle Track Lighting is unique in that it only uses the tops of the wine bottles. This would look great over a kitchen island as well. Here are directions for how to "cut/break" a wine bottle.

I love these Wine Bottle Oil Lamps, and they are cheap & easy to make. You could even use citronella oil in them to repel mosquitoes! I will definitely be making some of these!

Please feel free to comment and share pictures of some of your Wine Bottle recycle projects!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twig Chandeliers

Twig Chandeliers or Brancheliers have become a popular alternative to Antler Chandeliers.  Lots of interior designers have used them in both rustic and modern designs.  Twig Chandeliers can be painted any color or remain natural to bring an earthy feel to any room.  Feel free to browse our Twig Chandeliers, many of which can be customized in both size and color.

Here are a few designs featuring Twig Chandeliers that we like:

This one was featured in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. This is a Wish Designs Branchelier called The Appalachian. It looks beautiful with the rustic decor in this dining room.

Here's another dining room, this time with a White Twig Chandelier. The painted version looks fabulous with a more formal space.

This is The Appalachian by Wish Designs painted in Benjamin Moore White.This one, in particular, is available in three size options. Breathtaking!

You may even want to place your Branchelier on a sun porch or screen porch. They can go outdoors in any covered space, as long as you don't mind birds making a home out of it!

One last option for Natural Branch Lighting is this lovely Twig Wall Sconce. The pillars are made from wax, but have bulbs instead of flame to protect your walls.  This one may also be painted to match your decor.

Feel free to browse our site for more Twig Chandeliers & we are always available for questions or customization!  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Modern Antler Chandeliers

It is becoming more common for Antler Chandeliers to be used in Modern Designs.  The only difference, is that they are painted, instead of leaving them natural.  The most common paint color is white, but orange has also been used to make this usually rustic chandelier into a modern work of art.

Below are some examples of modern designs with antler chandeliers.

Features White Antler Chandelier, as well as White Antler Sconces for a crisp modern design.

These Orange Antler Chandeliers demand attention, while keeping this kitchen ultra-modern and sleek.

We like the combination of formal and modern in this living area with the White Antler Chandelier.

This is my favorite, as it mixes elements of rustic with the farm table, and modern with the seating and White Antler Chandelier.  Love the use of the dark blue accent color, as well.

We offer customization in color or design on our Antler Chandeliers, this is the most popular size:

Thanks for visiting!  

Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to the Rustic Ventures Blog!

First of all, I would like to introduce you to our small family-owned business, Rustic Ventures.  We operate a couple of websites selling rustic home decor and lighting.  Feel free to visit for your rustic lighting needs.  Or visit for rustic kitchen, bath, bedding, furniture and decorative items.  We make Faux Antler Chandeliers & are more than happy to customize upon request.

A little about us:  we are located in Wilmington, NC and are NC natives.  We have 2 mascots: Gypsy and Banjo, both Australian Shepherds. We enjoy being outdoors as much as possible and spend lots of time with family.

We think that our Customer Service is the best & have worked with designers on remodels and new construction.  But, you don't have to be a designer to get good customer service!  No order is too small & I will answer the phone, email, or live chat to help you decide what is right for you!