Monday, October 8, 2012

Rustically Modern - A Designer's Approach

It is becoming increasingly popular in today’s society to include natural touches in modern design. This can be seen predominately throughout homes across the United States. Homeowners love the conveniences and sleek appearance of the modern style, but still want to incorporate rustic appeal to soften up the atmosphere. In this 21st century full of electronics, the “Rustic Modern” design provides the perfect combination of modern amenities with the comfort of warm naturalistic charms.

There are several ways to attain a proper balance for your rustically modern look. Natural wood is the most common element to include when adding rustic appeal to your home. Of course, most homeowners gravitate to hardwood floors for a natural, pure appearance. Wood floors provide a warm ambiance and are easy to clean and maintain. However, if you prefer carpets instead of hard floors, try to incorporate other types of real wood and bold finishes with natural wood furniture. Usually the more unrefined and less varnished wood produce a more natural design. Rich, unpainted wood tables or a log-constructed lamp can give just the right amount of rustic to a modern space.

In addition to natural lamps and tables, incorporate other accessories and even some oversized rustic pieces to create interest and a focal point for the room. If a giant taxidermy animal is not quite your style, try an antler light fixture, twig decoration or a few plants that will draw in attention. Live or artificial plants are a great way to break up a contemporary area and add a bit of nature to the space. A rustic armoire can be the perfect addition to a sleek, white room as well.

In order to keep the space from becoming too rustic, most homeowners will keep the walls white or paint them a neutral color like beige, cream or tan. These choices allow the room to remain bright, while providing contrast to the darker wood tones. A soothing green hue can supply a bit of color without overwhelming the space. It also incorporates a naturalistic shade into the mix of modern and rustic.

Natural patterns are popular in rustic modern spaces as well. They give a nice texture to a contemporary setting by reflecting organic components found on nature. However, try to keep them in simple and solid patterns to avoid engulfing the modern design. Canvas, burlap and linen materials are good choices that are not too overpowering. If the room still needs a splash of rustic, an animal skin rug or wall hanging may be the perfect option.

So if you want your contemporary home to feel more like cozy cabin, you may want to consider the opportunities of a rustic modern style. Homeowners can still enjoy the luxury of modern elegance while incorporating rural features into the home. 

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